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Eneloop  is a brand of 1.2-volt low self-discharge nickel–metal hydride (NiMH) rechargeable batteries and accessories developed by Sanyo (later acquired by Panasonic), introduced in 2005.[1]

Eneloop cells lose their charge much more slowly than the 0.5–4% per day lost by older-technology NiMH batteries, retaining about 85% of their charge for a year after charging.[2] This allows them to be sold precharged and ready for use, unlike older types.

Because they can replace a large number of alkaline batteries over their life cycle, they are marketed as being eco-friendly.


Sanyo was acquired by Panasonic in 2009. As part of that deal, the Japanese Eneloop factories were sold off to Fujitsu, which since then produces 2nd-generation eneloops under its brand.[3] Panasonic eneloops, starting with the 3rd generation, are made in China for some markets (including Australia). As of November 2015, Eneloop Pro are still made in Japan.