Renata with its head office in Itingen near Basel (Switzerland), is a worldwide leading producer of micro-batteries for electronic applications. The business – founded in 1952 with the goal to produce mechanical parts for wrist-watches – specialised in button-battery cells in the late 70s and after this focused on the wrist-watch industry.

The modern production plant in Itingen, where all services (research and development, production, quality assurance and marketing) are grouped, is highly automated and produces over one million batteries a day. This includes silver-oxide batteries for wrist watches, zinc-air batteries for hearing aids, but also lithium-3V-button-cells for user-, industry- and industrial-electronics, for telecommunication, for medical use and PCs. In the same way a complete assortment of holders for lithium-batteries are produced.

Thanks to its deep knowledge of production processes, Renata has earned itself a reputation as an extremely flexible and reliable battery supplier. The consistent high quality and power of the micro-batteries is also the result of its extensive quality assurance system. This includes the complete production process – from the inspection of incoming raw materials right through to the testing of the finished product.